Hornady Varmint Express 6MM Creedmoor 87 Grain VMAX Ammunition 20 Box

Weight 0.81 lbs
Dimensions 5.25 × 3.00 × 1.25 in



6MM Creedmoor




Varmint Express





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Hornady’s excellent Varmint Expression ammunition was invented with purpose in mind. The entire design of this hard-hitting ammunition is centered around Hornady’s high-class V-MAX bullet. This means there will be incredible impact powers with every shot fired from your weapon. The V-MAX bullets are tipped with polymer to deliver perfect accuracy and coefficients that are high ballistic. You will defy all wind trajectories and receive quick fragmentation when you impact your target. Every single bullet of Varmint Express ammo is loaded with cases that are the highest quality. All of the propellants and primers are picked by people who know what they are doing to provide the highest possible performance. Every bullet is going to deliver high-powered damage. This stuff is great for riding your property of varmints.

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