Hyskore 10 Gun Rack and Shelf Unit

Weight 4.49 lbs
Dimensions 18.70 × 10.05 × 1.90 in






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Product Details
Height: 5.5 inches
Width: 17 inches
Depth: 9.5 inches
Capacity: 30 pounds
Perks: 10-gun capacity, Welded steel construction, foam-padded organizer, 30 pounds capacity, 15 x 15 inches shelf, 15 x 61/2 and shelf

The Hyskore 10 Gun Rack and Shelf Unit is manufactured and designed using high-quality materials in the form of welded steel which gives it properties that are resistant to rust, corrosion, etc. It is used in the arrangement and storage of firearms (no matter the size) in a regular pattern thereby keeping guns (whether it is a pistol or rifle) safe from children and the environment (the place of keeping this gunrack should also not be accessible by children). The gun rack can accommodate 10 guns which are arranged in a foam organizer to protect the guns from dirt and scratching. It also comes with mounting hardware and a handy book for holsters. Keeping of the gun and their arrangement depends on the length, pistols are simply arranged normally, however, the rack does not have a base therefore when arranging riffles the butt of each rifle will sit on the floor. The rack also comes with two shelves of dimension 15 x 15 inches and 15 x 61/2 inches shelf for the storage of other gun components and accessories

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