Hyskore Cleaning and Sighting Vise

Weight 13.50 lbs
Dimensions 26.00 × 13.00 × 11.00 in






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Products details
Dimensions; 25 * 12 * 10 inches
Weight: 11.1 pounds
Perks: Works like a 3 shot sighting system, adjustable to any length, supports cleaning and scope mounting, welded tubular steel construction, Parts tray, Magnetic bubble level, elevation can be adjusted

The Hyskore Cleaning and Sighting Vise is used as a gun rest and also as a cleaning vise. It operates using 3 shot group systems and is made with durable material which gives it resistance to water, harsh weather, etc. thereby it is suitable for use indoor or outdoor. It mechanically and optically aligns points of impact which allows uses even with little professionalism, therefore if you have this device you have the best to use. The use of Hyskore Cleaning and Sighting Vise for any gun is easy and does not depend on the length of the gun. It has adjustable elevation and the material is further coated with powder coat finish which is responsible for the resistance to water. Plastic trays are used to design the adjustment knobs. It must be known, that firearms that have been clamped are not to be fired when using the device. The device is used by many law enforcement agents, security personnel and also hunters for recreational purposes. To get the hang of operating the device, follow the instruction that comes with it

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