Target Hound Target Stand Hyskore Support System

Weight 8.50 lbs
Dimensions 21.00 × 9.00 × 6.90 in






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Product Details
Base dimensions: 19″x19
Full 6″ deep sockets for uprights
Supports both 1×2″ and 2×4″ uprights
Stable and very durable

The Hyskore Target Hound is intended to give a tough and flexible field target emotionally supportive network. The base is developed from welded steel segments and it requires just 4 stray pieces for assemblage. One of the most significant highlights of this item is that it can suit both 2×4 and 1×2 uprights. The 2×4 alternative gives enough auxiliary uprightness with the goal that responsive targets, for example, steel targets can be bolstered. The base is developed from point iron which can be secured to the ground by using the openings at the four corners and a 3/8 x 8″ slack jolt. The other option is to attach quiver stringers on each side to the point iron to give a foundation that will be stable even on a windy day, with a decent length of 4′. The Target Hound is set up for 18″ large targets, making it the perfect friend for IPSIC, IDPA, and NRA occasions, because it can be set up in various configurations to allow testing shooting occasions as it is flexible. This kind of stable field target support is likewise the ideal apparatus for sighting in rifles. By placing one target at the near zero, typically 25-30 yards from the muzzle, and a second target stand at 100 yards, death on sighting in can be accomplished in 3-5 shots.

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