KA-BAR 10.25 inches ThunderHorse Thrower Blade with Stainless Handle

Weight 1.88 lbs
Dimensions 16.25 × 5.00 × 2.75 in






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Product Description
What is notable about this product is that it is a throwing knife.
KA BAR throwers are customarily intended for chipping off as opposed to wounding, and for the most part, have a solitary honed edge. The sharp edge is marginally bent on most designs, and some chasing blades may have an edge that has both a bent part for cleaning and a straight segment for cutting cuts of flesh. A few sharp edges fuse a gut hook. Most throwing blades structured as “skinners” have an adjusted point as to not harm the skin as it is being evacuated.
Owning the best hunting blade available would be an astute move for each genuine or recreational tracker. If you were ever in a circumstance that necessary you to have a decent blade available, okay have come arranged? Imagine a scenario in which that specific circumstance had something to do with cleaning a fish, cutting some rope, or dressing a deer. Okay, happen to have an edge close by? Chasing is a VERY famous game, that pulls in numerous every year, from everywhere throughout the world. It’s likewise important to chase for endurance, else we would all face hunger (except if you’re vegan). This implies it’s critical to have a decent, yet as well as can be expected find.
This product has a blade length of 10.25 inches, an overall length of 15.625 inches, a 1095 blade material and a handle material made of 1095 stainless.

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