KA-BAR Kraton Handled Kukri Machete 11.5 with Black Blade.

Weight 2.04 lbs
Dimensions 18.00 × 4.50 × 2.25 in






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Product details.
KA-BAR delivers another top quality product. The machete 11.5 with a total length of 17 inches and an apparent blade length of 11.5 inches. The hollow grind technique gives it a very sharp edge coupled with a 20° degree curve to the blade. A flat, wide blade shape to give a machete look.
As kukri machete, otherwise known as Gurkha. It’s beautifully designed into 3 segments. A slim area close to handling for etching than a midriff for slicing and dicing, and then a pointed tip for piercing.
It is fitted with a Kraton handle made of elastic Kraton G Thermoplastic Elastomer, it’s a lab-made material that has elastic properties. It includes a non-slip hold, and simple to clean. Kraton is common in various utility blades( household and commercial ) is utilized in blade handle for its strength and great grasp.
KA-BAR uses Carbon Steel, albeit, stainless steel is common in cutlery, carbon steel was introduced for blade durability, toughness, and a finer microstructure.
Cordura used in its sheath manufacture retains its beauty, Prevents abrasion and climatic induced tears.
It is made in the USA by a trusted manufacturer, the Ka-Bar knives incorporation, a subsidiary of the popular CUTCO corporation.

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