Lansky Deluxe Knife Sharpening System with Controlled Angle

Weight 1.55 lbs
Dimensions 9.65 × 9.50 × 1.55 in






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With the Lansky Deluxe Knife Sharpening System with Controlled Angle it is easy to sharpen your blade to what you desire. This sharpening system contains hones used to sharpen your knife to the required edge. There are five hones, each with the different properties and use depending on your understanding of how they work. Extracoarse hones, used when just starting to sharpen your blade, coarse hones to recondition the edge of the blade, medium hones for an in-frequent touch-up, fine hones for a constant touchup to keep your blade in mint condition and ultrafine hones which is used to sharpen to the finest edge possible. To protect against slipping of hands that can cause injuries the hones are designed to have finger grooved safety holders. There is also honing oils that enhance the efficiency of sharpening, an innovatively designed clamp to secure the blade and a guiding rod for each hone so that sharpening can be carried out conveniently. The hones and all the others are housed in a case for convenient transferring from one part to another.

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