Lansky Professional Knife Sharpening System with Controlled-Angle

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The Lansky Professional Knife Sharpening System with Controlled-Angle is an efficient and innovative tool to sharpen your blade at a professional level, it is easy to use and doesn’t depend on the technical ability you have before i.e. irrespective of your level of professionalism, you can handle the tool with ease. The Lansky Professional Knife Sharpening System with Controlled-Angle allows you to sharpen your blades at four sharpening angles depending on the type of blade you want to work with. The four angles are;
• 170 angle which is mostly used for razor blades and fillet knives, this angle gives an extremely sharp and delicate edge therefore it use
• 200 angle that is mostly used for blades made with high-quality materials giving a clean and sharp edge
• 250 angle is the working angle used for knives that are mostly used for knives that experience a lot impact especially those used in hunting and other outdoor events
• 300 angle is the working angle suitable for knives used for heavy duties such as cutting cardboard, rope, etc. it gives a sharp edge when employed with these knives.

Present in the case is a guiding rod that is used for each one, the case also contains the components used for the sharpening itself which are the hones. They are made in different color combinations to facilitate easy identification. The total number of hones present is five, the first one is the serrated hone that is used to sharpen serrated bones, it has a grit of 100. others are; the coarse hone with red color and 120 grits used for tuning the edge of a blade after use, the medium hone with green color and 280 grits that is used for touching up the edge when about to be used, fine hone with blue color and 600 grits that is used for the touching up the edge after constant use and the ultra-fine hone with ceramic yellow and 1000 grits that is used for giving the highest edge sharpening. The use of these hones also depends on the working angle. In the working case is a honing oil that helps ease the process of the sharpening, and a clamp that will hold the blade in a secure position while sharpening

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