Lantac Dragon Muzzle Break w-ASR Quick Mount Silencerco Suppressor Adapter Mount - .308-7.62

Weight 0.31 lbs
Dimensions 7.00 × 4.50 × 1.25 in

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The Lantac
Dragon Advanced Muzzle Brake w/ Silenceroco Quick Mount Suppressor Adaptor is a
quality product that is machined to precision and hardened to an impressive
48Rc. It even comes with an intense nitride finish that gives you an improved
resistance to corrosion. It comes included with a system for handling gas that
will reduce the rise of the muzzle and lessen the recoil to an amazing zero.
This means that the only recoil you are going to feel is the carrier movement
and the movement of the buffer inside of the actual buffer tube. The system of
short energy pulse is unique to also reduce the full length of the recoil. This
makes it so that you can fire your weapon in a fully automatic mode without getting
knocked from your target or losing your target altogether due to wild recoil
and climbing of the muzzle.

Silencerco ASR QD mounting system that comes included with the muzzle brake
lets you mount this piece of equipment with the Saker, the Omega Suppressor,
and also with the Blast Shield. This unit comes with 5/8×24 threads and can
only be used with 7.62 and .308 caliber ammunition. It is highly recommended that
you use the Rocksett thread lock compound. However, the compound is not
included with the package. This muzzle brake is legal in California because it
is not considered to be 100% a flash hider. This is still a mitigation device
for blast. It comes included with an X4 .075mm washer and a x1 2mm washer.
There are even shims included for the appropriate timing of the brake and the

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