Lasermax Spartan Adjustable Light & Laser Combo Green

Weight 0.31 lbs
Dimensions 4.50 × 4.25 × 2.50 in














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The biggest and best in Spartan’s highly coveted line of laser technology, the Spartan Light & Laser brings versatility and practicality into one stunning package. The Spartan will be installed on the rail in whichever location the shooter prefers, offering the maximum in comfort and maneuverability. When the Spartan is anchored, it keeps phenomenal precision with extended live fire, meaning it will stay on point even when you empty the whole clip. The reason Spartan Light & Laser utilizes a high intensity mint green color for their beam is because it is the most visible wavelength in the entire spectrum of color. The 120 lumens of mint green will keep you on target in the darkest night. The technology in this device can adapt effortlessly to a whole range of rail platforms because of its premium rail vise tech. In addition to all these features, the Spartan Light & Laser is Lasermax’s first product available with a AAA battery. No more fussing with bulky batteries. Also, there is an automatic shut-off mode that will deactivate the laser after ten minutes of not being used. That will save the life of your AAA batteries. Spartan is small, easy to carry, and easy to install. It brings illumination and target identification capabilities into a small housing unit. The electronic touch pads on this device make it ambidextrous for left-handed and right-handed users to turn on the laser without fumbling. It can be switched between high-vis pulse beam to steady beam in just a few seconds. Like the normal Spartan model, the Light & Laser comes able to be adjusted for elevation and windage. You will always have an accurate shot, even at longer distances.

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