Limbsaver Grind-to-Fit Recoil Pad Small

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Dimensions 10.25 × 3.50 × 2.75 in





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Recoil Pad



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Limbsaver offers their premium grind-to-fit recoil pads to everyone, a long time favorite of gunsmiths and those who work inside gun shops all across the planet. No matter which way you look at it, by using these unique recoil pads your gun is going to have a serious upgrade. These pads promise to reduce anywhere up to seventy percent of the recoil felt when firing, and also to drastically lower the jump of the muzzle. This translates to more comfort while firing your weapon. You can shoot for longer without breaks knowing these recoil pads are saving you a whole heap of pain and bruising. Out of all the Limbsaver recoil pads, this grind to fit model boasts the absolute best customization. They are tailored to fit your stock perfectly by using a belt grinder. Our recommendation is that a professional in a gun shop modifies and installs the pads. Small size: 1” LOP, 4-13/16”x1-/27/32”. Grindable to an even 3-7/8”x1-11/32”. Will fit on most standard stocks.

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