LimbSaver Protective Shooting Pad B

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Dimensions 10.50 × 4.50 × 2.50 in










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LimbSaver is always doing their best to keep shooters safe and comfortable. Their high-tech shooting pad is an excellent piece of equipment for those who had some sensitivity to the kickback recoil of their weapon. If you are having some recoil issues, this pad is for you. You can use this pad at the same time you are using one of LimbSaver’s awesome recoil pads. This will give you the ultimate protection against uncomfortable kickback. All you need to do is put this pad onto your shoulder and then securely clip it into place. It is really that easy! One clip and you will be very comfortable. This protective shooting pad is crafted from LimbSaver’s very own Noise and Vibration Control Material, aka NAVCOM. This material works to massively dissipate the vibration and energy of a recoil to reduce how much of it you feel. It is a shock absorber for your shoulder. One of the best ways to use this shooting pad is when you have a shooting session that is going to take a really long time. Also, this pad is handy when you are using some weapons that don’t have any recoil pads on them. Whatever your need, this shooting pad is super comfortable and highly adjustable. You can use it in any weather condition because it is very durable and will resist the damaging elements. It doesn’t matter if you are a right-handed shooter or a left-handed shooter because this pad is reversible. Anyone can use it. This is because LimbSaver always produces the most advanced shooting technologies. They even sell noise and vibration lessening items for guns and bows, like recoil pads, rifle slings, and bow stabilizers. This particular shooting pad is made in the USA and used by law enforcement, military, and gun enthusiasts everywhere. The straps will ensure a perfect fit.

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