Lodge pre-seasoned skillet 12in cast iron.

Weight 8.22 lbs
Dimensions 18.00 × 13.00 × 2.50 in

Cast, Iron, Lodge





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Product details
The versatile 12inch flat bottomed cooking ware with ample depth of about 2 inches is a must-have for every cook. It retains heat, cooks evenly to the desired taste, and suitable for slow cooking. A perfect tool for frying chicken, preparing bacon, on the grill for baking, and making a crispy low heat meal. It comes preseason with oil extract from soy and coated to give the best cooking experience and in the long run prevent rust.
Coupled with two-sided lip for easy pour and a dynamic design that allows for easy use on stovetop, oven, and on the campfire on beautiful nights out. Its steady handle affords smooth transition from the cooker to the tabletop, also notable is the cast iron that prevents food items from sticking.
This skillet offers topnotch durability making it an ideal choice for regular home meals and commercial chefs.
The lodging company located southeast of the United States American continues to show prowess and consistency in manufacturing long-lasting, top quality cooking ware. Over the last 100 years of producing iron cast cooking utensils, it only gets better, therefore it is trusted to be chemical-free and not hazardous to health.

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