Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit for Cookwares

Weight 1.08 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 6.25 × 2.75 in

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Product description
The Lodge Seasoned Care Kit is the recommended product that is essential for caring for your cookware. The case of the kit is made using a durable material, which is contained the components while still protecting them from conditions that can cause their destruction such as rust and corrosion. The components of the kits are a seasoning spray that contains an 8 fluid ounce of canola oil that has no preservatives, propellant, and additives which can be adjusted, it is used in wiping and cleaning dust, dirt, it is used in polishing the cooking wares. There is a pan scraper is made of high-quality material that is used in scraping the gunk and food particles that are stuck on the underside and crevices of the pots, it is employed in sinks, counter and stoves also, the pan scraper is designed in a way not to collect food particles. Another component is the silicone handle holder which is used to carry cooking wares having a metallic handle that can get hot (up to 5000C) when placed in the oven or stovetop. Together with the pan scraper, the silicone handle holder can be washed with ease. There is also the scrub brush with plastic head and stiff nylon bristles that can be used to scrub the cooking wares. The Lodge Seasoned Care Kit is a regular product found in most kitchens.

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