Lone Wolf Alphawolf Barrel Glock 19 9MM

Weight 0.31 lbs
Dimensions 8.60 × 2.37 × 1.25 in
Barrel Length



Distributors, Lone, Wolf




19, Glock, OEM



Type of Barrel






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replacement barrels from Lone Wolf Distributors are some of the most well-built
barrels you can find. Their barrels are all machined from the toughest 416
stainless steel using a strict process of CNC. The steel is then heat treated
for the best possible durability. This great machining gives you a barrel that
will perform very well for a lot of years to come. Not to mention, the price is
very affordable! For those shooters who are looking to fire lead out of their
gun, this model of barrel is ideal because of the land rifling and the standard
groove. You are able to fire jacketed or plated bullets with smooth, quick
velocities. You can use this barrel both in stock pistols and in pistols that
are factory ported. However, this model is intended strictly for use with the
Glock 19 firearm.

Alphawolf barrel comes ready to use out of the package, pre-fit to drop
straight into your weapon with absolutely 0 gunsmithing needed for a proper
fit. The area of lock-up is going to produce a higher accuracy from shot to
shot. The finish of the exterior is satin, while the chamber support is
maximum. Also, the feed ramp design is greatly enhanced. The crown is standard.
Compatible with all plated bullets or jacketed bullets.

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