Lucas Oil Extreme Duty Cleaner Aerosol 11 Ounce 12 Pack High-Pressure Spray

Weight 10.94 lbs
Dimensions 11.85 × 8.50 × 8.75 in

Lucas Oil Products, Inc.




Extreme Duty







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Lucas Oil has created another fantastic cleaner that comes highly recommended by major manufacturers of firearms all over the country. This high-pressure spray from Lucas Oil is a consistent cleaner that contains a special blend of cleaning agents and solvents that are meant to spray away residues of powder, oil, grease, and other kinds of grime from firearm parts, barrels, slides, and actions. Your gun’s metal finish will always be safe when using this extreme duty cleaner. Even with incidental contact, this cleaner will not harm the polymers of your weapon. Because of Lucas Oil’s special formula, this cleaner will displace water, which means this is a great cleaner to use when your gun is stuck outside in a thunderstorm with lots of rain while hunting. It is quick to dry and has no residue properties, which makes this cleaner great for the final degreasing of weapons before Parkerizing, bluing, or spray finishing applications. The cleaner is not chlorinated. It has a CFC-free formula that will not leave any residue. Please read the whole label before doing anything with this product. Made here in the United States.

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