Lyman Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Weight Gauge

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When you need readouts for your trigger pull weight, reach for Lyman’s electronic digital trigger pull gauge. This awesome gauge will give you quick, ultra-safe, and 100% precise readings for your trigger pull weight. This can be used for your rifle, pistol, or even shotgun. The numbers and results will all be displayed directly onto the easily visible LCD screen. You will always receive the most accurate pull readings available because the device will readout an average reading of the last ten recordings of your trigger pull. This will give you an indisputable exact result of your pull weight. The electronic digital trigger pull weight gauge from Lyman is always very easy to use. The first thing you need to do is make sure your weapon is empty and not loaded. Safety first. Then you can press the start ready button, attach the roller to the trigger of your weapon, then pull until you release the trigger. You are even able to switch between grams or ounces by pushing a button on the gauge. This can suit your measurement preferences. This is undoubtedly the best possible way to get safe, secure, and trusted pull readings from your trigger. This unit is a state-of-the-art technology for the strain gauge, giving you up to a 1/10 ounce of accuracy over a functioning range of 0-12 pounds. The device will work with a pair of AAA batteries. However, these batteries are not included with the package.

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