Maglula Range Benchloader 30 Round

Weight 1.31 lbs
Dimensions 17.25 × 5.50 × 2.25 in

ltd., Maglula


223, Remington











Benchloader, Range





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The Benchloader
Rifle Magazine Loader from Maglula is the best possible way for you to prevent
any kind of cramping of the fingers or fatigue of the hands while you are
operating. The benchloader is heavy duty. It is a type of speed loader designed
by the great engineers at Maglula to help you load an amazing 30 full rounds in
25 seconds flat. That is incredible! You can use this great device anywhere, at
home, in the field, or even at the range. The benchloader is simple to operate.
You can even use it effectively in harsh climates and weather conditions, like
in the rain or snow. This means the benchloader from Maglula is perfect for
taking with you to the range. You can even use the benchloader with your AR-15
or M4 weapon when competition shooting, making sure you hit your mark quicker
and faster than without it.

benchloader will load 1 to 30 rounds that are loose in one swift stroke. It
takes 25 seconds to load a 30 round mag. The operation is painless. The magazine
lips are kept perfectly intact. Prior to loading you are able to search for
defects and also you have time to clean the rounds. The construction is rugged.
The entire benchloader is built from only 3 parts. You do not need to do any
adjustments when loading a different magazine. There are no inserts required
either. The benchloader will be safe for your fingers and for your magazine.

filling the rounds, it should be done with both hands to allow the fastest
possible reload. You don’t need any training or dexterity to use this device.
Also, the device needs virtually zero cleaning or maintenance to continue functioning
properly. You can even operate it in cold weather with gloves. It is resistant
to chemicals. It will fit inside of a range bag, allowing you take it with you
discreetly anywhere you go. The device comes with six feet that are built from
rubber. These six feet allow you to have positive retention whenever you are
loading a mag.

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