Magpul MIAD Mission Adaptable Gen 1.1 AR Grip Kit Black Type 1-5.56x45 & 7.62x51 Receiver

Weight 0.44 lbs
Dimensions 5.50 × 3.25 × 2.50 in

Industries, Magpul




AR, Rifles




1.1, Gen, MIAD





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The Mission Adaptable Generation 1.1 AR Grip from Magpul is a unique drop-in style replacement for standardized AR-10 and AR-15 weapon grips. These grips will fit nearly every size of receiver with their two different types of sturdy configurations (This model is TYPE 1). The MIAD is designed to give a huge boost in the ergonomics of your weapon’s grip, while providing front and rear straps that are completely interchangeable for the best personal fit of your hand. There is a texture that is quite aggressive, meaning you get added positive control over your weapon and more accuracy. The MIAD Gen.1.1 is compatible with the rest of Magpul’s grip cores, providing an added bonus in the needs of storage. The strap retention has been greatly improved since the last model and it comes equipped with the newest type of grip core, which can hold a half ounce lubrication bottle. The hardware needed to mount this grip is included in the package. The straps on the front and rear are removable and can be replaced. There is a waterproof storage that can be used for batteries.

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