Magpul MS1 Padded Rifle Sling Coyote

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 16.50 × 4.00 × 1.50 in



Industries, Magpul


Brown, Coyote


AR, Rifles









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Magpul offers the MS1 as a super padded rifle sling. This model has been optimized on all fronts. It is a dedicated two-point sling, but it works just as well when turned into a one-point sling by using the possible adapters. It has been designed around the MS1 slider, which means the MS1 Padded Sling System will give quick adjustments to shorten or lengthen the sling without any slippage once the sling is set. It has no loops, tails, or potential hazards that can snag the shooter. The MS1 offers supreme shoulder switches in two-point mode, lightning fast adjustability to be used for a fully hands-free carrying of the rifle, and added support when shooting from a variety of positions. There are a whole series of adapters for the MS1 system that can be bought separately, most of which are based around the MS4 and MS3 Sling Systems. When the proper adapter is added, like the Paraclip or QD Swing Swivel, the sling will effortlessly be functional as a two-point and one-point sling. This padded model offers an integrated section of padding for the most comfortable experience yet. The hardware is durable, lightweight, and long lasting.

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