Magpul MS3 Gen2 Rifle Sling Black

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MS3- Multi Mission Sling System





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The Magpul MS3 was designed by people with a serious knowledge of field battle and who have spent significant time in operational situations. The result is the fantastic multi-mission MS3 sling system. This unique new system was designed with versatility in mind. It gives the ultimate in the retention of your weapon and is suited to a huge range of tactical scenarios, missions, and even casual situations. As a single product, the MS3 is quickly convertible and lets the shooter leverage the serious maneuverability of the single-point attachment for straight-on action or the two-point mode for increased stability. One-handed adjustments can be made effortlessly. The MS3 has a quick-release system and a positive-locking system that both offer the maximum in flexibility and dependability. This is a fully changeable sling setup. When it is used alongside the ASAP Plate – which is optional – the MS3 gives an added boost in effortless switches into a number of positions for shooting without any fouling or getting bound. Because of the concept of the MS3, it offers simple transitions from having the weapon on your shoulder to reacting and firing around corners, beneath vehicles, or to minimizing your exposure and hiding. This means a drastic increase in shooter survivability. The weapon will remain in the fight even if there is an injury on the shooter’s arm, hand, or shoulder. There is a new quick-adjust slider that is low profile incorporated into the MS3 Gen2, and this lowers the bulk and lets the shooter be more secure and have even easier sling adjustments. The length of the webbing has been made more to add extra comfort when wearing any kind of bulky and heavy body armor.