Magpul YUGO Zhukov-S Stock Black

Weight 1.31 lbs
Dimensions 11.50 × 5.60 × 2.15 in

Industries, Magpul




Models, Yugo









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The YUGO Zhukov-S Stock has a hinge block that can be used for
Yugoslavian types of rifles that have a fixed stock. It allows you to replace
the rifle’s buttstock from the factory with this one, which is super high in
quality and very tough. It is also a folding stock built from polymer material.
The hinge block will mount straight onto the special rear interface of any kind
of Yugo type of rifle thanks to the hardware. The hardware is included and gives
a fit that is super robust.

This folding stock is no-compromise and can be used with any type of
modern AK weapon. The Zhukov-S folding stock will fold to the right side. It
has a comb height that is fully adjustable for the possibility of optics to be
used by the cheek risers, which are optional. You are also able to adjust the
pull length without using any kinds of tools. A rubber butt pad is featured
with an angle to give you shoulder transitions that are super easy, giving you a
non-slip platform while you are using your weapon. There is a single-point
quick detach mount included at the receiver. There are also quick detach points
for mounting that come optional at the stock in the rear which provide a lot of
different options for attaching slings. The stock is made here in the USA and
is compliant in a lot of the US laws. The hinge pin is solid steel. Everything
about this stock is going to drastically improve and enhance your shooting
platform and your accuracy.

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