Manticore Arms NightBrake Compensator 14x1L

Weight 0.19 lbs
Dimensions 5.60 × 2.90 × 2.00 in

Arms, Inc., Manticore


14X1, LH









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This is
the 14x1L threaded model of the original NightBrake, complete with all the same
performance techniques, great features, and quality components. Manticore Arms
has made the NightBrake Compensator to feature only one detent notch, which
will properly time. There are also wrench flats that you can use for the more
stubborn of your weapons’ barrels. The washer that comes with this compensator
is silicone, which is incredibly good in dealing with hot temperatures. The
silicone washer gets rid of the unwanted rattle, keeping your device 100%
aligned whenever it is mounted to the weapon.

The NightBrake
is designed specifically to offer a massive reduction in the recoil felt when
firing your weapon, while at the same time basically eliminating all of the
rise from the muzzle. There is a total of 18 ports which are all distributed
around the 270-degree upper area of the device. All of these are helping to
stabilize your gun while reducing the pressure of the gas as it exits. The good
news is that there are no ports which face up, meaning that you won’t get any
interference with your sight picture when shooting the gun. The 90-degree lower
arc does not have ports either, which is great because this prevents any
possible dust signature when you pull the trigger.

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