Mr. Heater Buddy Series 10 foot Hose Assembly

Weight 1.62 lbs
Dimensions 12.75 × 10.00 × 3.25 in

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Product Details
Length: 10 feet
Bottle range: 1pound
Tank range: 5 pounds to 20 pounds
Swivel: 1inch
Mr. Heater 10 Foot Buddy Hose Assembly is a recommended product in transferring of fuel and can be seen used in kitchens, restaurants, gas filling stations, etc. it is made using a specially designed material and having a length of 10 feet to connect your Mr. Heater Appliances while not requiring the use of a fuel filter, it can be connected to appliances e.g. a bottle in the range of 1 pound, and tanks in the range of 5 pounds to 20 pounds. The Buddy hose is used without regard to the pressure difference i.e. it can be used in transferring fuels from appliances at high pressure and low pressure. There is minimum danger associated with the use of the hose, the appliance can be used to transfer fuel without the fear of situation like accidental fire, it is fitted with swivels that can be tightened by the user to block leakage of fuel, any danger associated with its use will be as a result of carelessness of the user. The swivels present at both ends are a 1 inch to 20 male throwaway cylinder thread with excess flow soft nose Petroleum Oil and Lubricant (P.O.L) with handwheel. Mr. Heater 10-foot Buddy is easy to install and allows the movement of the tank.

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