Mr Heater MHB4 Little Buddy Heater with 3800 BTU

Weight 6.15 lbs
Dimensions 12.80 × 10.70 × 10.30 in

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Product Details
The Little Buddy Heater by Mr. Heater a leading innovator in portable heaters manufacture is the ideal product that must be gotten to avoid the conditions and situations associated with winter. It is used in the hunting blind, deer stand and other places that are experiencing a cold atmosphere due to winter, it can also be used in cabins, garages, barns, and workshops but must not be used in cars or any other motorized vehicles. It has been used in places where there are power outages and natural disasters and a preferred device due to the features it possesses. It has a stand with a dimension of 8 inches which takes little space, it automatically shuts down when tipped over due to accident or when there is low oxygen present in the surroundings, it can be on using a one-button ignition key. The Little Buddy Heater is connected to a 1 pound propane cylinder that is easily disposed of when used finish with polluting the environment. It gives an odorless heating at the capacity of 3800 BTU/hour which can heat up to a hundred square feet. The Little Buddy Heater is the right heater to go for when you do not want winter to get in the way of your business

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