MTech 14.5 inches Axe withl 3.75 inches Gold Blade

Weight 1.66 lbs
Dimensions 15.25 × 8.75 × 1.25 in

MTech, USA





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Product Description
Flexibility is the name of the game with regards to this MTech USA MT-Axe 13 Axe. This hand hatchet joins the great type of the ax with an assortment of different utilities to make an endurance apparatus that can and will do whatever its wielder needs. The 3.75″ gold titanium-covered tempered steel cutting edge has a 5mm thickness. Generally, the length of the tomahawks if 14.5″. Handle is an 11″ dark rubber treated ABS and incorporates 1680D nylon sheath
Ever needed to be a brave shrubbery pilot, prepared to fix their arrival gear on a remote sandbar? Or on the other hand that individual that makes a sanctuary, manufactures fire and gets ready supper (from searched nourishments) in an hour or less? KLAX hatchet head is the key, bringing to hold up under camp and endurance fundamentals in an overlay level instrument ensured by a ballistic nylon wallet. Buy the discretionary 15″ hardwood deal with or manufacture your own – on the spot – and you’re hacking, pounding and tweaking with power. Indeed, even without the handle, genuine cutting, stripping and container opening happen easily with the 14.4oz tempered steel sharp edge. Bring 1⁄4″ bits along if the vessel, trailblazing bicycle or snow machine need work utilizing the indispensable attachment (a measurement head variant is accessible too).
Analyzer Comments: “Staggering, truly. As opposed to a hokey blend of unimportant instruments, KLAX goes to work quickly, even before a brace to-cut handle is connected. Non-trackers will figure out how to adore the ulu blade sharp edge, an antiquated palm-held cutting, stripping and scratching gadget. The calculated blade edge takes some method yet is the ideal length to cut and slash.

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