Muddy Deluxe Skinning Tool

Weight 2.04 lbs
Dimensions 12.15 × 5.05 × 3.80 in

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Product features
Dimension: 4.30 x 4.85 x 12.15
Height: 4.3000
Width: 4.8500
Large gripping teeth
Scissors action
Perks: Easy to use, ideal for any size of games either small or large, suitable for any type of skin whether slippery or not

With the Muddy Deluxe Skinning Tool, it is easy to skin animals of any size. It is one of the top tools that is used during outdoor events such as huntings and can be seen among other tools in many hunting packs. It is the ideal tool for doing the most tedious and monotonous work in hunting making it short and easy. The Muddy Deluxe Skinning Tool whole body is made with steel which is easy to clean as a result of dirt due to bloodstain and other fluids. The steel also gives it the rust-free and corrosion-free properties, which is further complemented by the black finish which also grants it the perfect grip when skinning games that produce slippery fluids. The Muddy Deluxe Skinning Tool has a scissor’s action and teeth with penetrating action that will grip and hold on to any type of skin no matter how slippery the skin, and the size of the game whether big or small.

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