Muzzy 100 Grains MX4 Broadhead 3 packs

Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 9.60 × 5.55 × 1.40 in






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Product details Weight: 100 grain Blades: 4 Perks: Fixed sharp edge broadhead execution that keeps its edge significantly longer; Basic, rugged structure for outstanding performance; Low-profile, short broadhead structure; Super solidified steel ferrule with 4-edge, bone parting tip; Alcatraz Bladelock framework which secures and holds cutting edges in position for top execution.
Appreciate great flight execution, wrecking conveyance, and profound front lines that last considerably longer with this Muzzy Broadheads MX-4. Some portion of this Genius Arrangement, this short and dangerous broadhead has no moving parts to invigorate bowhunters with extraordinary strength and sturdiness. The low-profile, 4-edge includes the equally adaptable and rugged plan, just with slenderer hardened steel edges for profound careful sharp cutting force that keeps its edge longer. These 4-edge broadheads consolidate a super solidified steel ferrule with the Alcatraz Blade lock framework for a flawlessly adjusted broadhead that conveys field point exactness with extraordinary infiltration which will definitely amaze you. 4-edge, bone parting tip. 1-1/8″ cutting diameter. The MX-4 Broadhead is a super-short broadhead intended to equal the flight and cutting breadth of mechanical heads with the certainty and unwavering quality that only accompanies a fixed-sharp edge plan. Compact aerodynamic design. Maximum speed, strength and cut.

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