NcSTAR Essential Gunsmith Tool Kit for Firearm repairs

Weight 4.78 lbs
Dimensions 15.50 × 10.75 × 3.50 in






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Product Details
Height: 11.5 inches
Width: 15.5 inches

Essential Gunsmith tool kit by NcSTAR is a product commonly used by many individuals who have a knack for shooting, employing gun use in hunting and other shooting actions, it is also seen with the military and security-oriented individuals. It has a weight of 68 ounces making it easy to carry from place to place without any discomfort. There are many features that make the gunsmith tool kit very essential is the tools that it contains, there are many hard to find tools that are hard to find yet necessary to work on your firearm which is present in the tool kit. These tools are in different dimensions and they are; a mallet which has a length of 11 inches with brass and nylon heads used in driving pins and other parts of the firearm into the required place, a bench block used in holding the gun in place, safety glasses for protection while working on the gun, 6 pieces of Jeweler’s screwdrivers that does not affect the finish of the firearm, nose pliers, 30 ¼ inch flat blades, hex, Torx, square and adapters. It also contains a triangle mill file, steel punch set with a centerpunch, a roll pin punch, and a drift punch. The Tool kit is used in working on firearms that need repair or little tweaks

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