NcStar Tactical VISM Hunting Vest Orange-Tan

Weight 1.31 lbs
Dimensions 20.00 × 15.00 × 2.50 in









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If you
need to be prepared on your next hunt, you need the orange and tan Vism hunting
vest from NcStar. This is not only a high-quality, high-visibility vest that
will keep you safe, but it is a very fashionable hunting vest. It comes built out
of the strongest materials to be durable, long-lasting, and very comfortable in
all situations. This is all because of the great PVC material that comprises
the vest, tough and flexible. There are two very big pockets at the main front
that are handy for storing any extra ammo boxes. The pockets are so big they
can even fit an entire box of shotgun shells. There are elastic loops for
shells on the vest that allow you to have fast access to even more ammunition
while you hunt!

The vest
has amazing recoil pads that are dual-quilted and very thin on each shoulder.
These pads keep your shoulder from getting bruised or fatigued while you are
shooting, which in turns improves your accuracy and strength when firing your
rifle over and over again. It lets you shoot even longer than normal! The
shoulders are also completely adjustable to fit your body. There are cinch
straps on the side for adjustability. The vest is “one size fits all.” The
color of the vest is orange and tan

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