NcStar VISM Tactical Vest XS to Small Digital

Weight 1.94 lbs
Dimensions 16.00 × 11.00 × 2.50 in



Camo, Digital






Tactical, Vest





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NcStar brings its incredible, well-designed, and versatile tactical vest to the market as the number 1 option in tac vests for professionals. This vest is fully adjustable. It will help to organize all of your shooting gear while still allowing for simple and efficient access. This means all your gear for shooting will be where you want it at all times when operational in the field. The vest has a pair of quick fastener buckles that are adjustable and one serious duty front zipper. With all these features, the vest is extremely easy to take on and off, and also to get a snug fit that won’t shift or become uncomfortable during combat. There are three side straps on each of the sides of the tactical vest that can be adjusted to make sure the vest fits nicely to your frame. The length of the vest can also be adjusted by using the hook and loop panels on the shoulders to alter how deep the vest will hang down your torso. On the back panel of the vest is a strong rescue drag handle, which can be used for dragging the shooter to safety. Also, there is a loop patch to be used with moral patches and name tapes. Fitted inside of the back panel is a hydration bladder compartment, compatible with a hydration system. The bladder does not come included. What does come included is the ability to attach an ultra tough pistol belt securely to the vest with the Belt Keepers to ensure everything stays in place. The pistol belt comes with a pair of pistol pouches that have quickly connecting buckle flaps. It can also work with holding folding knives, flashlights, or multi-tools. The tough PVC of this vest overtop the mesh style webbing offers high durability and a better cooling system for hot days and strenuous activities.

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