Nordic Components Shotgun Bolt Operating Handle Benelli M1-M2

Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 9.00 × 4.25 × 1.00 in

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Bolt, Handle



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The shotgun bolt operating handle was designed by the
geniuses over at Nordic Components to be a fantastic product that can be easily
used by just about any person. Nordic Components is confident you will enjoy
using their great operating handle. It is formulated by using some of the absolute
best and most robust materials that are available today. The operating handle
is also built using complex processes that make sure it is going to give you a
lot of continuous years of strong and reliable usage.

This handle is 100% compatible to be used with the Benelli
M1 and the Benelli M2. Also, the Benelli SBE, SBE2, SBE3, and the Franchi
Affinity/Franchi Intensity, and Remington Versa Max. The operating handle
requires an oval anti-rotation cut-out with the bolt to function properly. It
is used for competition shotguns or tactical shotguns. The operating handle
also has a design that is rounded and it offers rapid manipulation.

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