Nosler 280 Ackley Improved 140 Grain Ballistic Tip Rifle Ammunition 20 Round Box

Weight 1.19 lbs
Dimensions 5.40 × 3.60 × 1.10 in






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Every single one of Nosler’s awesome Ballistic Tip ammo rounds comes loaded with Nosler’s premium components to make sure your shots are accurate, consistent, and deadly whenever you are in the field. The muzzle velocity and weight with each bullet is fully optimized to give the best performance when hunting hogs, deer, or antelope. The quality control for these rounds is intense, meaning every single finished round is inspected visually before approved. The performance from this ammo will always be consistent and reliable when firing your gun. The Ballistic Tips come in all of hunters’ favorite calibers. You never have to buy another brand of ammunition for the rest of your life. The Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets are not only trusted by hunters all over the world, they are also made to precision with a heavy jacket base that will prevent deformation of the bullet when you’re firing, the bullet holding together well at high velocities. There is also a tip of polycarbonate that will resist becoming deformed inside the magazine while initiation huge expansion when the bullet impacts the target. The mid-section of the bullet keeps it uniform until the time of impact and the core of pure lead eliminates any chance of there being imbalance during the flight because of dangerous air pockets. Nosler manufactures these bullets with unyielding attention to the important details. The brass cartridge is designed to the precise dimensional tolerances and standards by using the best possible materials that give consistent accuracy and an extended life of the case. This ammo is designed to be used with medium-sized game with its massive stopping power.

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