Nosler 308 Winchester 168 Grain Custom Competition Match Grade Ammunition 2,750FPS 20 Box

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 5.25 × 3.25 × 1.13 in



308, Winchester






Competition, Custom



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Nosler’s ammunition has always been some of the very best available for purchase by civilians. Their Custom Match Grade ammo is no different. This stuff is the greatest. All of their Match Grade ammo comes fully loaded with components that are the highest quality, thus delivering massive accuracy that will either meet or pass handloads that are similar. Every last powder charge is weight-sorted meticulously to make sure the measurements and capacities are consistent, making the loads precise. This fantastic Match Grade ammo uses Nosler’s own special brass and comes with their special head-stamp. These also come with a deburred and chamfered case mouth, a flash hole that is deburred, a trimmed length which is consistent, and a perfect thickness of the neck wall. The Custom Competition series of bullets work by blending Match Grade’s fabulous accuracy and consistent firing with even more value, giving shooters the ultimate performance ammo. The jackets are highly concentric and the lead alloy cores are very precise. Each load comes inspected by hand, making sure the quality will satisfy every shooter who buys a box of this ammo. The product is high functioning, in boxer primed, not corrosive, and has brass cases that are reloadable.

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