Old Timer35 inches Lumberjack Multi-Blades with Delrin Handle

Weight 0.32 lbs
Dimensions 5.40 × 1.50 × 0.90 in

Old, Timer





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Product Description
This knife is made from 9Cr18MoV which is a high carbon tempered steel known for its durability and high impact use, it has a very sharp edge and it is resistant to conditions that can lead to its degradation such as rust and corrosion. It also has a pen cutting edge with nail pulls. Old Timer Sawcut Bone Handle has a nickel silver support, metal pins and warmth treated back springs. It has a blade edge of 3.42 inches capable of instigating a deep cutting action, and with a handle of length 4.58 inches, the use of the knife is further improved.
The product has a locking sharp edge, regularly alluded to as lock-cutting edge blades or catch blades, and has a locking component that secures the edge in its completely opened position. This lock must be discharged in a particular activity before the blade can be collapsed. The lock-sharp edge blade improves security by forestalling coincidental edge conclusion while cutting. It is this locking sharp edge highlight that separates the lock-cutting edge blade from either the laborer blade or the slip joint spring-back blade, although locking blades will, in general, be bigger than both of those sorts also, because of the trouble of placing a lock into a littler blade outline, the more noteworthy possibility of accomplishing increasingly compelling sorts of work with a bigger blade, and the expense of a locking component is a little level of the all-out expense than it would be on a little blade, which is commonly expected to be significantly less expensive, even though this shifts an extraordinary arrangement relying upon creator and market.

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