5.0 Inches Ontario 499 Survival Fixed with Black Blade and Leather Handle

Weight 1.08 lbs
Dimensions 12.35 × 3.35 × 2.10 in

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Product details
Blade Material: 1095 Steel
Blade length: 5”
Total Length: 9.5“
Blade Overall Weight: 9.90 ounces
Blade Thickness: 0.1875 inch
Finish: Black Oxide
Handle Material: Natural leather

The Ontario 499 Survival Knife was manufactured using a 1095 material containing a high proportion of carbon that improves the blade hardness, this also improves the durability of the blade. The Ontario survival knife is a common knife with the U.S military and can be found as a tool in the survival packs of men of the Air Force of the United States of America. However, this does not limit its use to the military only, it can be used in outdoor events such as hunting. The knife was elegantly crafted and the blade has Sawback teeth used for many scoring parts of woods amidst other functions. The finish of the blade was done using black oxide which gives it a non-reflective surface compatible with the stealthiness associated with the military personnel. Its handle involved using natural leather coupled with a steel butt cap which improves handling by providing a comfortable grip. The Ontario Survival knife comes packaged with many tools such as a sharpening stone for retouching the blade edge, a sheath easily secured to the blade by attachment to a tie-down cord that can stretch to protect the blade from outdoor actions and injuring the user.

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