Onyx Movevent Aqua Dynamic Vest Extra Small Size

Weight 1.17 lbs
Dimensions 19.20 × 15.35 × 5.50 in






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Product Description
Onyx movement dynamic vest is a paddling vest built to provide life support during canoeing or paddling, most times. It gives you the assured mobility for kayaking and also during canoeing or paddling. It comes with a ventilation panel, both in the front and back to keep you cool and provide you with a sufficient amount of air.
No need to worry about its fitness and firmness on your body! This is because the built and flexible foam design conforms to your body and stays in place when paddling.
This particular vest is in aqua color. The sizes available in which you can get this vest are: XS-SM, ML, and XL or 2XL.
The wow thing about this vest is that it is flexible and fits into your body, notwithstanding your body structure, while also particularly incorporating vented channels to help supply you with sufficient air during movement. It also comes with an in-built solar-grade reflective material for enhanced and quality visibility. The vest itself has a sculptured and adaptable structure that allows you to stay in place while moving, so as not to fall off. The vest comes with a soft floating foam and inner foam to aid comfortable sitting and overall comfort of movement.
What more? It has an expandable zipped pocket which allows for drainage of water that comes in during movement. It now comes with quality 200 nylon material for the durability of the vest. The vest then comes significantly with a whistle, to blow in case of danger and emergency. The weight of this product is a pound.

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