Onyx Red coloured M-24 Manual Inflatable Life Jacket

Weight 1.75 lbs
Dimensions 22.60 × 14.10 × 3.10 in






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Product Description
The Onyx Outdoor A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Inflatable Life Jacket is U.S. Coast Guard affirmed Type V life coat with Type III execution. It has utility pockets for a space Co(2)cylinder, waterproof camera or other apparatus. This jacket inflates when the person wearing it pulls the “jerk to inflate” handle. What is splendid about this vest???
It is equipped with an emergency mouth inflation. This vest gives you safety and comfort in the sense that even though it appears that you are putting on something, the lightweight makes it feel like you have nothing on until you need to use it. This is what the unique lightweight of this life jacket gives you. This life jacket possesses a soft neoprene neckline to avoid strain in the neck region and keep you at ease all day. There is also a respective pipping which gives great vision.
You do not have to worry about tears or punctures, due to the strong and durable fabric it is made of. This jacket has a ring attachment, to affix other accessories. This jacket can be used by persons who are 16 years and older. But there is a warning to be heeded, this jacket should not be used by non-swimmers or more so, weak swimmers.
How can you replace the carbon dioxide cartridge? Use onyx rearming kit k301, u.s coast guard approved type. This rearming kit contains a carbon dioxide cylinder.
This is also to take out time to notify buyers that the rearming kit might not be available for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

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