Otis Elite Universal Tactical Cleaning System

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The Elite
Universal Cleaning System from Otis is the best, most innovative, and most
effective cleaning system for weapons that can be found in Otis’s impressive
lineup of products. The cleaning system works well with armorers who have a lot
of weapons that need quick cleaning. This is because the universal cleaning
system is made to keep all different kinds of rifles maintained. This means
everything between .17 caliber to .50 caliber. The same can be said for pistols
between .17 caliber and .50 caliber. Then it can clean the shotguns between
.410 to 12 gauge to 10 gauge. It can also work great with in-line muzzleloaders.

The Elite
cleaning kit comes with their most popular #750 Tac Cleaning System, plus the
entire list of strong bronze bore brushes and chamber cleaning brushes. These
are between .17 cal. And 10 gauge. All the items included inside of the kit are
stored nicely within a black nylon case that is rustproof. The case even comes
with a lock and a set of keys that will give you tough security with your
important equipment. There are over 40 components for gun cleaning found within
this case. In fact, this may be the most comprehensive cleaning kit ever

inside of this case: chamber brushes, specific bronze bore brushes that help
get rid of copper and fouling deposits, 5 ounce cleaner for the bore, 8”, 30”,
and 34” memory flex cleaning rods coated with nylon and combined with compression
welded fittings, nylon receiver brush that is all purpose, one T-handle bar,
three slotted tips, obstruction removers, large and small patch savers, one
bore reflector, small caliber cotton patches and all-caliber cotton patches, a
brass scraper tool set, and two .5 ounce tubes of Ultra Bore Solvent.

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