Otis Professional Pistol Cleaning System

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Dimensions 10.50 × 10.30 × 1.60 in

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professional pistol cleaning system from Otis is a fabulous kit for cleaning
pistols and handguns that comes inside of a small, easy to carry, and compact
case. The micro cleaning kit comes complete with a special memory flex rod that
can be rolled easily and then stowed without there being any sacrifice to the
rigidity that is needed for the clearing of bore obstructions. As a special
bonus, the pistol cleaning kit comes with the standard 9-32 type of threading
for the accommodation of all your most popular bore brushes and jags. If you
want to keep your handgun or pistol clean, you can purchase this kit and take
it with you everywhere, from the range to the field to your home garage.

inside of this awesome pistol cleaning kit are 8 inch, 12 inch, and 20 inch
memory flex rods, patches for large calibers, two obstruction removers that
double as working T-handles, one pin punch, one end brush, one scraper, one
straight pick, one bent pick, one short AP brush, one chamber flag, one brush
adapter, and one brass slotted patch tip. There are also caliber bore brushes
that are .38/9mm and .45. There is also one 0.5-ounce Otis CLP.

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