Pachmayr Presentation Ruger SPR Blackhawk Grip

Weight 0.38 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 × 4.50 × 2.00 in





Blkhawk, Model, New, Rug, Spr









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As with the rest of Pachmayr’s super awesome and reliable weapon accessories, this grip is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. It was actually the very first weapon grip ever developed by Mr. Pachmayr. This fantastic grip for the revolver has stayed a popular item being sold by Pachmayr ever since they first went into business. People simply love this grip. The Pachmayr Presentation Grip comes featured with their unique design, their own classic styling, and a very handsome finish of a deep checkered pattern. The checkering gives awesome control to the user, and the flashy finish makes it look even nicer. Almost anyone can tell you how well-made Pachmayr’s revolver grips are. They are virtually indestructible and will continue to look good for dozens of years to come. This is the reason people love this grip so much. It adds that nostalgic feel to your beloved revolver while adding a bit of accuracy to your shooting. The grip is designed to assist you when pointing straight. That will make you a better shot with your revolver. The grip will fit Rugers and newer versions of Super Blackhawk. It won’t work with the XR4.

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