Pro-Shot Pistol Cleaning Kit 38-357-9MM

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Dimensions 11.00 × 4.60 × 1.75 in

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There are a whole bunch of goodies packed inside Pro-Shot’s pistol cleaning kit. It comes first of all with an incredible stainless cleaning rod for your pistol, micro-polished at a nice 6.5” length. The handle is full-sized and swivels, and there is a patch holder used for .30 calibers and up. There is a cleaning jag and a cotton mop used for .38 or 357 or 9MM calibers. Plus, a brass muzzle guard. A whole container of Next Generation 1 Step Gun Cleaner and Lubricant. You also get the best in the industry 100% flannel cleaning patches made from cotton. The nylon bristle brush is double-ended and made specifically for guns. The grease is Pro-Gold. The gun cloth is treated with silicone. Any way you look at it, this is the number one cleaning kit in the world for pistols. It is used by experienced professionals, casual shooters, enthusiast hunters, law enforcement agencies, and military types. Everyone on Earth trusts Pro-Shot with their cleaning needs.

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