PulseTech PowerPulse 12-Volt Battery Maintenance System

Weight 0.53 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 × 3.40 × 2.30 in






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Product Description
This product is made in order to ensure optimal battery performance from a single 12-volt lead-acid batteries. It can also be used to enhance the performance of two or three 12 volt batteries connected together.
You should importantly take note that this product is not a charger. Charging does not remove the reason for a battery breakdown, which is having energy leading sulphate settle on the battery. When this happens, it reduces the battery’s transfer of energy and also limits its capacity to take, accumulate and give out energy.
This product would then help you to get your device to charge at a much faster rate. Not only would it do this, but it would also bring out the optimal performance out of your battery. This product can likewise serve as a supplement to your charging mechanism in two different ways. In the instance of having the battery charged by a different charging mechanism, it would make use of the charging current as a power source. At other times, the device makes use of a small portion of its own energy, so it is working 24/7, you do not need another electrical supply. One thing you should always note is that, it should only be used on appliances that you charge so often.

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