PulseTech SolarPulse 7 Solar Battery Charger Maintainer

Weight 2.66 lbs
Dimensions 12.50 × 11.25 × 3.00 in






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Product details
Watt: 7
Voltage: 12
SP-7 Solar battery charger is the ideal product for individuals that want to maintain their batteries. It is of the series of solar battery chargers produced by PulseTech and more popular than the one that came before it (SP-5), even though they have similar size the SP-3 is sophisticated with easier operation. The SP-7 is put in a case that is durable and able to resist extreme weather conditions and situations that can lead to its destruction such as rust and corrosion. Itis used in charging rechargeable batteries and also in desulfating them. Recharging the batteries using the SP-3 help to maintain them, remove the cost of buying another battery by charging them without exposing them to unfavorable conditions, they are also desulfated to remove the buildup of resistance to the flow of current between the batteries plates which can cause failure in charging. With its ease of operation, it is the right product that utilized sunlight to charge the batteries, this is done by using the ray of lights falling on the solar panel which convert the solar energy to electrical energy that is used to charge the batteries. With the SP-7 occurrence of jumpstarts is reduced and it leads to an improvement in the battery performance.

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