PulseTech Xtreme 4-Station QuadLink Battery Charger Kit

Weight 7.17 lbs
Dimensions 12.05 × 10.30 × 5.90 in






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Product Description
The Quadlink Battery Charger Kit is a product produced by PulseTech a leading company in the manufacturing of many battery kits and chargers. The product is recommended for many individuals who want a kit containing components that helps in the charging and maintaining their batteries. The Kit contains many components which are the Battery Charger, desulfator, a multiplier, and a battery tester, battery lead, extension leads all used for different purposes. The battery charger has a working mode known as the Xtreme Charge which is the most intelligent battery mode that is on the market, with this mode the battery charger can charge and maintain the 4 different batteries while removing the risk of overcharging them. These batteries are charged singly or can be charged together by connecting them in series. The series combination is of 3 distinct configurations which are 24V, 36V and 48V depending on the number of batteries that you want to charge. It utilizes Pulse Technology which can help with the capacity of the battery and improving the battery life. The desulfator is responsible for restoring the battery capacity thereby improving the performance. The Quadlink Battery Charging kit is ideal due to it being eco-friendly, batteries charged using the charger must have 12V

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