Radian Weapons Talon Ambidextrous Safety Selector 4 Levers Black

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This high-quality safety selector kit from Radian Weapons comes included with an entire 4 levers. This means you can choose the combination that best suits your needs. Every selector lever comes installed by using a dovetail interface that has been machined and has a spring-loaded stud. This eliminates needing to use screws and makes it simple and fast to switch between levers. The center steel shaft is hardened and is able to be rotated a full 180 degrees to alter between a normal 90-degree throw or a shorter 45-degree throw. The levers included are long, medium taper, short, and medium. They are all machined from the highest quality billet aluminum and finished with mils-spec anodized. They are compatible with almost all mil-spec type receivers. The black nitride finish makes these levers super slick and smooth to use. This ambidextrous set of selectors is the best and easiest way to improve the ergonomics of your AR-10, AR-15, or SR25 pattern rifle.

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