Radians RSG3 Interchangeable Shooting Glasses

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 7.00 × 4.00 × 3.00 in



&, Amber, Clear, Lenses, Orange









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The RSG3 Shooting Glasses from Radians are one of their many fabulous
products designed to keep you safe while shooting at the range. These glasses
are extremely high in quality and will minimize any possible exposure you have
to hazards. Radians’ shooting glasses are meant to meet your personal needs of
protection while being very affordable and innovative at the same time. You can
use these glasses at home, in the forest, and of course, at the range.

They feature a frame that is super lightweight and built from metal.
Also, the lens is interchangeable for maximum adjustability. You are able to
switch simply between any of the three colors of lenses, either orange, amber,
or clear. With the glasses you are going to kit a kit that comes included with
a cleaning case, a premium case that folds over to keep your lenses stored, and
side shields. Because these glasses have a frameless design, you get an exceptionally
wide field of vision. The glasses work to provide you with protection from UVA
and UVB that is exactly 99%. They also comply with all of the ANSI Z87.1

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