Ravenwood International AR-15 Cast Non-Firing 1-3 Scale Mini Replica Black

Weight 1.06 lbs
Dimensions 12.65 × 8.00 × 1.10 in

International, Ravenwood





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The Ravenwood International mini replica of the AR-15 rifle is an amazing piece of work. It has an all metal construction and a whole pile of fantastic features. The charge handle will pull open the dust cover, which is fully functioning to open and close. The trigger will pull and is spring-loaded. There is an adjustable safety lever to switch between modes of firing. The stock comes adjustable, as do the sights. The magazine can be removed and it comes with three brass-built rounds that can be loaded. The final feature is the functioning button to release the magazine. The forend is two pieces of metal and the display stand is built all out of metal also. This mini replica is 1/3 to scale from the normal AR-15. It is 10” in length and weighs only 12.9 ounces. This is a scale model toy and cannot be fitted to shoot bullets.

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