Ravin Carbon Six Pack Crossbow Arrows 400 Grain .003 -

Weight 0.40 lbs
Dimensions 21.25 × 3.50 × 1.50 in

Ravin Crossbows





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Product Details
Quantity: 6 packs
High-sway polymer nocks
High-sway aluminium nock bushings
2″ prominent balance vanes
High-sway metal strung supplements
0.001″ or 0.003″ straightness resistance

The Ravin Crossbows .003″ Premium .001″ Arrow (6 Packs) are intended for prevalent precision, speed, motor vitality and sturdiness. Moreover, they are worked with a high-quality, 100% unadulterated premium carbon development. Hard-hitting, extraordinarily precise! These delightfully built bolts are extremely exact, they encourage a stable trip to your objective with mind-blowing speed and your chasing experience just gets all the more exciting. Ravin Arrows highlight high quality 100 per cent unadulterated carbon development. High effect Ravin built polymer nocks, metal strung supplements and aluminium nock bushings are incorporated. This arrangement of 6 standard 20″ length bolts incorporates high-sway Ravin polymer nocks, metal strung supplements and aluminium nock bushings. They feature bolts which come together with the bow as made from the manufacturing plant. These 400-grain Ravin Jolts are produced using 100% unadulterated carbon which thus gives them high calibre and hard-hitting exhibitions. They are 20″ bolts with a straightness opposition of .001″ (with 100-grain surface tip or broadhead). They are created with 100 per cent carbon and also possess 2″ notable counterbalance vanes. Precise, stable trip to your objective!

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