Real Avid AR-15 Carbon Boss Multi-Tool

Weight 0.50 lbs
Dimensions 9.80 × 6.30 × 1.80 in

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Carbon Boss





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The Carbon
Boss Multi-Tool for the AR-15 is beyond a doubt the very best multi-tool for
removing carbon and completing other tasks that has ever been constructed by
human hands! The carbon boss tool is fully versatile and it has 12 amazingly
precise surfaces that work to clean out the most important parts of your cam
pin, your bolt, your bolt carrier, and also your firing pin. Included with this
tool is also a puller for cotter pins, a rotating hybrid smart brush which can
be replaced, and a bolt tail brush for detailing that is imbedded.

The Carbon
Boss Tool is very innovative. It is a 16-in-1 multi-tool which works very well
with .223/5.56 MSR types of bolt carrier groups. It will remove all of the
carbon without even having to incorporate solvents. The 12 exactly cut surfaces
are non-hardened. They work to scrape the 4 major pieces of the bolt carrier
group with no scratching or marring. This includes the hardest places to clean
because the surfaces are cut to such exact precisions that they will fit
seamlessly into all of the most important areas, such as the bolt tail radius
or even the face of the firing pin.

Carbon Boss Tool comes inside of a unique triangular package that lets you
access the tool with one hand quickly and easily. Included in this multi tool
are many small additional pieces. There is a detailing brush that is
nylon/phosphor, a 3260-degree bronze brush, a puller for cotter pins, a pin
push, and an attractive sheath.

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